Who do you think will win the Premier League

Who will win the premier league

The Premier League has just kicked off so it is to early to tell who the outright winner will be but, it’s always fun to make your predictions at the start and see if your right when the Champions lift the cup. We have selected a few teams that generally come top of the log as well as our beloved West Ham (yes, we are biased) and a far left choice. So take your pick below and let’s see who everyone thinks will rule the number one spot this season.

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Place your bets at Betway

If you are feeling confident of your selection then why not place a bet at Betway on the outright winner. The odds at the moment for the above teams are:
Manchester City 1.50
Liverpool FC 3.60
Chelsea FC 11.50
Tottenham Hotspur 14.50
Manchester United 20.00
Arsenal FC 49.50
West Ham United 516.00
Watford FC 802.00

*The above odds were correct at date of publishing and are subject to change