Stand to win daily with 30, 000 in 30


Don’t get stuck on the bench this October, join us and take part in our new and exhilarating promotion where we will be giving away 1,000 prizes daily and a grand prize of fuel for a year. Our 30, 000 in 30 promotion gives you a chance to win daily just by betting on soccer. Each bet you place is equivalent to one ticket entry into our draw, weekly and grand prize lucky draw where they can win various prizes.

The 30, 000 in 30 promotion runs throughout the month of October, which means that you have ample opportunity to participate and claim a share of the winnings. There is no limit to the number of entries you can have meaning the more you bet, the better your chances of winning are.

What is 30, 000 in 30?

The 30, 000 in 30 promotion gives us a chance to reward you with 30, 000 prizes in 30 days. The promotion will be running throughout the month of October and the grand prize will be awarded when the promotion concludes. Each day 1,000 winners will receive prizes such as airtime, data bundles and more. The aim of our 30, 000 in 30 promotion is to have the chance to reward you through tangible prizes for choosing to bet with us.

This promotion will be running across multiple countries, including:

  • South Africa
  • Ghana
  • Kenya
  • Uganda
  • Nigeria

How to enter

You need to place a bet on any soccer fixture(s) from 1 to 30 October 2018. Each bet you place is equivalent to one entry into the lucky draw. As the promotion runs in different regions, the minimum bet amount varies. You can place a Single or Multi Bet which will qualify you for the lucky draw.

Daily, weekly and grand prize

Prizes to be won include the following.

Instant daily prizes:

  • Airtime (contract holders will receive cash equivalent prizes credited to your Betway account)
  • data bundles
  • Free Bets

Weekly Prizes:

  • Smartphone
  • Laptops

Grand prizes include (region specific):

  • Fuel for a year/12 months (South Africa)
  • Home theatre system (Nigeria and Uganda)
  • Brand new Kia Cerato (Ghana)
  • Flat screen TV and a Playstation console (Kenya)

You are eligible to win these prizes daily and weekly, and the grand prize will be awarded at the conclusion of this promotion.

30k-in-30 FAQ’s

Who can enter?

In order to participate, you need to have an active Betway account and be over the legal age depending on your region. If you do not have a Betway account, simply register one here.

Can I enter more than once a week?

Yes, you can enter more than once every week. Each bet placed on soccer is equivalent to one entry, meaning the more you bet the more entries you can get for the lucky draw.

What leagues can I bet on?

You can bet on any soccer fixture of your choice in any league, your bets can be Single or Multi Bets.

Do I have to place a winning bet to enter?

Your bet does not have to be a winning bet for you to enter, all soccer bets automatically qualify as a ticket into the draw.

Do Free Bets or Extra Bets count?

Only cash bets will be accepted and no bets made using Free Bets or Extra Bets will earn you a ticket into the draw.

How will I know I have won?

Winner(s) will be contacted via telephone, SMS and/or e-mail within 48 hours of winning the prize.