South Africa’s Caster stars in Nike commercial

Caster Semenya

South Africa’s top female athlete Caster Semenya is the latest super star to be honored with their very own Nike commercial. Following hot on the heels of tennis super star Serena Williams and pro NFL player and Colin Kaepernick Semenya is now helping Nike celebrate their 30th anniversary.

The Nike ambassador tweeted the link to her commercial on Monday with the caption “Too fast? Too bad. I was born to do this. #justdoit”

The 45-second long advert is narrated by Semenya and follows her journey in reverse from star athlete to birth. Semenya asks “Will it be simpler if I stopped winning? Would you be more comfortable if I was less proud? Would you prefer I hadn’t worked so hard? Or just didn’t run? Or stopped at my first steps? That’s too bad, because I was born to do this,”

Watch the Nike ad here:

Nike is known for its inspirational adverts and we couldn’t be happier to see them telling the stories of the great athletes from our African continent.