SA Cricket saved by rain


Yesterday the Protea’s played their 4th match of the Cricket World Cup. They were up against the mighty West Indies. The Windies won the toss (this was not a good sign, the toss was the only thing SA was winning) and elected for the South African team to bat.

Well things got off to a pretty shocking start:

  • Hashim Amla was the first to fall only getting 6 runs
  • Aiden Markram was the next to fall with a mere 5 runs
  • with a score of 29/2 things looked bad for SA and then the rain started to fall

The rain was a good thing, the Proteas had been given the chance to head back to the change rooms and strategize. But, the rain started to set in and the game was abandoned. This resulted in both teams getting a single point, a point South Africa was most probably not going to secure.

Thank you England and your rainy weather from behalf of South African cricket fans.