Betway 5s League

Betway 5s league

What is the Betway 5s League?

The Betway 5s League is a five-a-side football league (Futsal) sponsored by Betway one of Nigeria’s leading online betting platforms. The league features teams battling to the top spot after playing their way through the knockout stages. Winners will get their share of the NGN 1 million up for grabs. The league is split into different divisions and kicked off on the 1st September. It will continue for the next nine weeks until the champion team are crowned.

You can stay up to date with the tournament via:


What is Futsal?

FUTSAL is Five-a-side football which is a variation of association football wherby each team fields 5 players (4 outfield and 1 keeper in goals). The pitch and goals are smaller and the duration of the game is quicker.